Haunted Hunting

A Look to The Past

Where did we go, and why were we in a handbasket?

The Hunters received a call from “Giles,” and headed out to meet him. Along the way, they stopped in a motel for a rest, and when they woke up, Mandy was missing. After two days of fruitless searching, they decided to continue on to Giles’ house. Before they were able to settle in and get down to business, Mandy walked through the front door, apparently none the worse for wear, but with no memory of the time she’d been missing. As far as she was concerned, she fell asleep in the hotel, and woke up in the back seat of their car parked in front of Giles’ house.

Giles told the customer’s that he had found a lead in their hunt for the creature that seemed to be hunting Mandy. According to police reports he uncovered, a young boy in (?) witnessed his brother being kidnapped. He stated that he saw the man who took his brother, and that this man had been following his brother for weeks. He described his brother’s attacker as “a tall man in a suit, with long fingers and no face.” He also gave Mandy a strange hoodoo necklace that should disrupt the creature’s mental influence over her – for a time.

The hunters arrived on the scene, and interviewed the boy posing as grief councilors for the local school district. They discovered that the boys had first seen the man while playing in an abandoned cabin in the nearby national forest. Xander found footprints outside the house, but they were outside the younger brother’s bedroom window. They appeared to be from sneakers.

Our heroes headed out to the woods and found the abandoned cabin that the young boy described. As they headed toward the door, they were jumped by a hooded figure wearing a mask, who immediately disengaged and ran inside the cabin. The hunters gave chase, and an interior door slammed from the rear of the house.

They found the slender doll, which had previously been in Mandy’s backpack, propped up against the wall inside. It almost seemed to be pointing to the closed bathroom door.

The hunters opened the door to walk through, only to find that they were no longer inside the cabin, but a dank tunnel with stone walls. Water droplets randomly fell from the ceiling, and they had a feeling of rock above their heads, as though they were suddenly underground. The door behind them was jammed, and would no longer open.

They They started down the hallway, and Billy was attacked from behind by the form of Kenneth, the spirit from the Van Buren Institute. They quickly dispelled the apparent spirit with rock-salt rounds, and continued down the stone hallway until they reached a steel door.

They stepped through to find themselves in their old motel room in New Madrid, walking in through the door that had previously led to the motel room restroom. In this room, they met a young woman whom Saasha recognized from her sordid past. Saasha attempted to converse with the woman – until the woman’s eyes went black and she attacked.

After a short but fierce battle, the woman simply disappeared.

They exited the motel room to find themselves inside another run down cabin. The temperature had dropped significantly, and the smell of burnt timbers surrounded everything. The hunters soon realized that the cabin they were in had suffered significant fire damage, and snow was falling through the damaged ceiling.

Exploring the cabin, the Hunters were once again attacked – this time by the masked man who jumped them earlier, as well as the tall faceless figure himself. They managed to tackle the masked man and removed his mask, only to find that he was the young boy who had been kidnapped. Mandy placed her hoodoo necklace on the boy, and he immediately slumped unconscious. The hunters carried him out, fleeing from the slender assailant when they found that their attacks had little to no effect.

They stepped outside of the burnt out cabin and into a snow-covered forest. They heard shouting in the distance, and followed it to a large tree. Following the angry cries, they found a group of angry people with torches standing around the tree. A man had been tied to the tree, and a pire had been set up beneath him. From the clothes of the villagers, Billy, being a learned man whose family was from the area, guessed from the period dress and other clues that they seemed to be in the Ukraine – but somewhere around the mid-1400s.

The angry villagers set fire to the pire, and they hunters noticed a strange hooded man, right at the front of the crowd watching the burning figure with great interest. The hooded figure turned and regarded the hunters for a moment with his faceless visage before turning back to the burning man. The faceless man seemed to stretch out, his arms and legs pulled to un-natural proportions, before reaching out with inhuman fingers to grasp the man who had been tied to the tree. Lighting flashed, blinding the characters for a moment. When they could see again, the entire horde laid slain on the ground around them, without a mark or scratch indicating how they had died. Lighting flashed again, and when the hunters came around they found themselves lying on the ground outside the original log cabin, fall just beginning to change the color of the leaves.



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