Haunted Hunting


No atheists in foxholes

Dade City, FL

While Xander and Mandy take a short leave to tie up loose ends, Saasha receives a mysterious email. There is no body to the email, only pictures. (The email is in the wiki)

The pictures show a large weather pattern over Florida. The weather pattern seems to break to avoid Dade City, and the newspaper articles speak of a string of suicides at a Foxconn plant in the city.

Billy and Saasha go to check it out, and run into Charlotte, the Administrative Assistant of Brad Dirk, head of Administration at the plant, in a local bar. They tried to talk her into giving them a tour of the facility, but Charlotte refused. They did convince Charlotte to give them Brad Dirk’s email.

They decide to check it out for themselves and head to the plant. Saasha makes her way in first through a fire exit. Billy stayed out in the car and managed to hack into the building’s network. He set the security cameras on a loop and notices some overly vague emails between Brad and a high ranking corporate official at Apple.

Charlotte, her suspicions roused by the awkward conversation in the bar, headed to the plant herself to check things out, and noticed Billy waiting in the car. Her intuition tells her that something’s up, and she guesses that Saasha may already be inside. After a brief exchange, she agrees to bring Billy into the facility.

They talked their way past Jim the security guard, (who was totally going to call Charlotte back, he’s just been busy) and head upstairs. Billy makes an ill-fated attempt at tazing Charlotte, who easily avoids his clumsy attempt. An argument ensues, and when the reach the second floor they are met by Saasha, who helps defuse the situation.

They do some snooping around, and find some files that indicate that at least some of the people who had committed suicide may have been potential whistle-blowers who planned to expose the poor working conditions and worker abuse that had started since Brad Dirk had taken over the plant. The hunters also discover sulfur in one of Brad’s desk drawers.

The Hunters decide to hide out until Dirk comes in for the morning and smoke him. Saasha sets up a Devil’s Trap above his desk, and Billy waits in the executive wash room while Saasha and Charlotte hide in a nearby empty office.

It is then that Charlotte reveals the truth: Saasha’s former employers decided they want her dead, and Charlotte is the one who’s there to kill her. A fight ensues. Billy, hearing the gunfire, rushes to Saasha’s aid, and Jim appears to assist Charlotte. Billy’s anger issues come into play, and he turns a heavy machine gun on Jim the security guard, while Saasha shuts a frag grenade in the room with Charlotte. Billy decides to burn the whole building to the ground, and heads to the server room to start an electrical fire, leaving behind a home-made explosive charge. Charlotte survives but is badly injured, and she makes one last plea to the hunters to take her with them. Her alluring personality sways Billy.

The hunters “work out their differences” and decide to make one last run at the Demon. Charlotte has his home phone number, which Billy is able to easily trace back to Brad Dirk’s home address. Charlotte knocks on the door and distracts the demon, while Saasha draws another demon’s trap outside of Dirk’s back door. Billy enters through a window.

After a difficult battle, the Hunters are able lure the weakened demon into the Devil’s trap, and exorcise it. Charlotte disappears in the confusion.



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