Haunted Hunting

Halloween Episode

What scares you most?

It’s been nearly two weeks since the hunters escaped from the Apple building, and they’ve seen no sign of the creepy old gentleman. Mandy receives a voicemail on her phone (odd, as she is certain the phone didn’t ring.) The voicemail is from Jessica, one of the members of the Paranormal Investigation Society she and Xander were members of before teaming up with Billy and Saasha. Jessica sounds excited on the recording – they are just starting up an investigation, and the preliminary investigation was so promising, they managed to secure permission to extend the investigation for a full week. They’ve been in the house for less than a day, and what they’ve seen so far has been amazing; far beyond anything they’ve seen before. She suggests that if Mandy and Xander are in the area, this is definitely something they would want to check out. Jessica gives an address, and the hunters realise they are in the area, and could be on location by the next morning. What concerns Mandy is the EVP on the voicemail – a clear voice saying “This is my house.” Xander analyses the recording and finds additional EVP – “You will never leave.”

The Hunters to a bit of research, and discover that the house has been vacant for years, but was recently purchased by someone who is hoping to run “terror tours,” and charge people to perform investigations. He’s obviously hoping that this first investigation will turn something up – at least enough to create buzz and get some good press. They look for evidence of a haunting at the house, but turn up only vague local legends.

When they arrive at the house, the investigation van is parked outside. They head into the house, and discover that most of the investigation equipment is still in the foyer; the investigators obviously didn’t have the chance to get everything set up. They set out to search the house, and find little sign of the paranormal investigators anywhere.

Xander finds a comfortable sitting room near the back of the house with two chairs, and end table, and a roaring fire. The fire starts to burn itself out even as he approaches, and when he sees what is in the fireplace, he calls for Billy. Billy arrives just as the fire completely burns itself out, and finds that the fireplace is packed with the remnants of packs upon packs of cigarettes – his brand. When he checks, every pack he brought with his is gone. He runs to the front door to find the house sealed, and when he decides to try and burn down the house, he finds all his lighters – and his explosives kit – gone as well.

Billy spends most of the rest of the game fruitlessly firing his guns into the wall, tearing down bookshelves, and generally freaking out.

Billy runs around for a while, then decides to go back to the sitting room to see if he can climb out the flue. As soon as he steps into the room, the door slams shut behind him. A chair suddenly flies across the room at him. He manages to dodge it, but the door swings open again immediately afterwards, catching Saasha right in the face as she tries to break the previously shut door open. They hear the sound of footsteps running away from the sitting room.

As they continue searching a house, a scream suddenly echoes throughout. Xander suddenly feels like he recognises the scream, but can’t put his finger on it. The air around him feels dank and cold as he flashes back to a musty crypt. A moment later, he shakes himself back to reality, but finds that his wrists are raw and bloody from what appears to be a serious rope burn. He heads to the kitchen, manages to find a stockpile of forgotten liquor, and helps himself.

As Xander drinks and Billy rages, Saasha and Mandy follow the scream back to a bedroom they’ve already explored. When they walk into the previously immaculate bedroom, however, they find the bed covered in blood – so much blood that it pools in several places. Some wadded up clothes lie in one puddle – Mandy recognises them as Jessica’s favourite outfit.

They turn to try to find and gather the others, but something catches each of their eyes. Saasha notices that as soon as they turned around, the blood disappeared, and the clothes were suddenly clean and neatly folded on the bed. Mandy noticed something odd about the mirror, and stepped up to investigate…

As Mandy approached the mirror, she realised what was off. her reflection seemed delayed by just a split second – almost as though it had to watch her to see what she did before it could act. She instinctively reached out to touch it, and there was a loud crack. Saasha watched as Mandy stumbled, a vision playing in her head. (The vision is available for viewing in the wiki) When Mandy came out of it, she and Saasha noticed that the mirror had cracked in a peculiar pattern – the same symbol from the key puzzle piece at the Apple office. Mandy shrugged the occurrence off with a half-hearted “Huh. That was weird.”

They exit the room to find another blood trail. They regroup with Billy (Xander is still drinking in a corner) and follow the trail of blood to the master bedroom, where they find Jessica, naked in the fetal position in the corner. Jessica begins seizing and coughing up blood, and the hunters realise she’ll die very quickly if they aren’t able to do something. Nothing they do seems to have any effect, until one hunter searches the room and finds a small, tied pouch hidden under the bed near the wall. They realise that they’ve just found a hex bag, and decide to burn in – then they remember that Billy was the only one who carried lighters. As Jessica is choking for what has to be the last time, Saasha panics, throws the hexbag to the ground and shoots it.

Jessica begins to recover almost immediately. The hunters question here, but she remembers almost nothing of what happened. They lay her on the bed and leave Billy to guard her as they go to take a second look through the house.

Xander headed back to the side sitting room, and found another member of their old investigation team – Ben – in much the same position as they found Jessica. As he watches, large gashes and cuts began to appear on his body. Ben began to turn pale and clammy from blood loss very quickly.

The hunters searched the room – and found an old combination safe. Saasha got to work cracking the safe while Mandy did her best to bind Ben’s quickly multiplying wounds. Just in the nick of time, Saanda got the safe open, and they found a second hex bag. Ben, weary from blood loss, whispered “She drug him down the hall” to Mandy before passing out.

The hunters investigated the hall, and noticed that a bit of wall at the end of the hallway seemed out of place – the same style, but a slightly different color than the rest. Billy fired his gun into the wall, peering through the hole to see a chamber on the other side.

The hunters immediately went to work with a crowbar and hatchet, breaking down the wall and revealing the secret doors hinges and the latch they would have seen had they taken a closer look at the wall itself instead of breaking it down. Beyond it, they found a short staircase down, candlelight flickering nearby.

The proceeded to find an alter; a young woman standing behind it and Jake, the final member of the investigation team, bound at her feet. Saasha asked why she’s done this, and she replies that there is a price on the hunters head, and that they should be honoured that they will be amongst the first sacrificed. Mandy ran up and turned the alter, and noticed to points of glowing read – the eyes of a black dog staring hungrily at Jake. Billy and Xander opened fire. The hunters found that most of their attacks were bouncing harmlessly off of some kind of mysical shield the witch had erected – they could hit it enough to collapse it and do some damage, but the witch was able to quickly put the protection back. The witch threw the hunters to the ground, and struck Xander blind; while the hunters threw everything they had at her and the black dog tore hungrily at Jake. Deciding that the screaming, prone form under the black dog was too far gone to be helped, the hunters decided on one final, desperate plan. Mandy grabbed the blinded Xander and pulled him up the stairs, Billy backed out of the room and let fly with his machine gun with enough damage to drop the witch’s defences one last time, and Saasha rolled a grenade under the witch and ran.

After the dust settled, the hunters wearily gathered their two surviving associates and left the house behind them.



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