Haunted Hunting

Make an Appointment

After their encounter in the cabin in the woods, the hunters decide to stop in at a waffle house for a bite to eat. As soon as they walk in, they realize that the house is completely silent – and almost completly empty.

One table is occupied by an older gentleman, a plate and cup of coffee in front of him, reading the newspaper. The Hunters (rather brazenly) saunter right up to the table and sit with the man.

The man explains that the understands the hunters are experiencing a bit of a problem, and offers to help if they are willing to run a little errand for him. When the hunters ask for more information, the man explains that very soon, he will be required to place an item of great value on loan, temporarily – his rimg. Unfortunately, he needs that ring to perform more excessive actions that will be expected of him; but there is a cane that, if held, will allow him to temporarily overlook the ring’s absence. He could aquire the cane himself, obviously, but he’d rather not tip his hand at the moment; and since the hunters have already blundered into one of “their” facilities, he doesn’t beleive it will raise much suspicion if they were to do so again.

The man provides them with information on an office building owned by Apple – floor plans, and the third floor office where the cane is located.

The hunters head to California, and find the office building heavily guarded by security. There is even someone in plain clothes and a brown trench coat across the street watching the place.

They manage to manipulate records and get Mandy hired as a temporary receptionist at the front desk. She schedules a meeting with the Office Operations Manager for right near the end of business hours, stating that representatives from corporate were coming to speak with him.

The hunters rig Saasha for sound; she shows up in time for the appointment and is escorted to the OOM’s office. She finds him flanked by two imposing looking security officers. aasha attempts to bullshit them long enough for the building to clear, and Mandy leads Billy and Xander inside. The OOM grows tired her games, and reveals that he knows she was in the Foxconn Factory before it exploded. His eyes, and the eyes of his security detail turn black just as Billy, Xander and Mandy walk into the office. A battle ensues, and the Hunters are able to distract the demons long enough for Saasha to complete an excorcism.

They find a hidden panel locked with a puzzle and attempt to solve it, but find that a key piece is missing. as they move to go look for the missing piece, they hear cryptic speech from downstairs. They go to investigate, and find that the trenchcoat clad mysterious stranger from before is sanding before a body prone of the floor. A thick black smoke is streaming from the prone man’s mouth and into a box the stranger is holding. The stranger cheerfully reaches into the prone man’s pocket and tosses the key to the puzzle to the Hunters, along with the box. When questioned, he states that the box is merely a trinket, that came from the same place Mandy’s talisman came from. When asked who he is, the stranger replies, “A friend” and saunters off.

The hunters use the key to retrieve the cane, and Billy blows up the building. The call Giles and ask where the talisman came from, and he tells them he purchased it from a collector in Vegas – origonally from the estate of H.P. Lovecraft.



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