Haunted Hunting


The Realm Between

“Are you going to let me in, or are we going to have this discussion in the Hall?”

There is a sharp knock on the hunter’s hotel room, and they answer the door to find the mysterious old man from before. He has come to make good on his deal with them, and hands over a scythe, on loan only. A powerful weapon, this scythe is one of the only weapons in existence with the power to kill a reaper.

For a mortal to kill a reaper , even with the scythe, would be a tall order even at the best of times. The old man informs them, however, that the creature that hunts them has a dark force standing behind it. Even with the scythe, he doesn’t believe the hunters stand a chance.

The old man did promise them help, and since they were true to their word, he will be true to his. He tells them that the creature has taken refuge in a world “between this one and the next.” A link exists between Mandy’s mind and that of the creature. The old man tells the hunters that he can send them along that link.

The old man warns them that it will be dangerous, and he cannot guarantee their safety. They were never meant to exist in this other world, and their minds will be stretched from their world to this new one. If their minds are stretched to taut, they may very well break. The connection between Mandy and the creature should hold them in this other world, but one that connection is broken, their minds will snap back – violently.

The old man also warns that also warns that this world is not as static or linear as the one they are used to. It ebbs and flows according to the whims of it’s inhabitants. Once the hunters are there, their minds will struggle to impose that static order to their immediate surroundings – and the other inhabitants will quickly take notice.

The old man also berates Saasha somewhat, alluding that she once who “blundered right past the cause,” and that “dealing with the effect might well be considered, at least partially, her responsibility.”

The hunters awaken to find themselves on the shore of a great underground sea. They find a small, comfortable English sitting room built into the rock at one point, and there is a very strange journal sitting on the table.

They soon find an old bridge spanning a river of what appears to be boiling water. The bridge is old and rickety, and the hunters are worried about it holding their weight. They decide to cross one at a time, with Xander in the lead.

As Xander reached the other side, a large tentacled monster rose from the water, destroying the bridge and attacking the hunters. After a furious battle, they manage to drive the creature back under the water, and set to building a bridge using a ladder that Xander found, the wooden table from the sitting room, and a lot of duct tape from Billy’s pack in order to cross the river.

After more encounters with strange creatures, (including man-sized serpents and an oversized bear-like creature,) the Hunters emerged from the cave to find a cold forest. They all hear a strange rattling, and soon find that some of the trees have chains attached to them, all leading in the same direction. Mandy is able to see the souls of people (mostly children, but some teens and even a couple of adults) working at the chains, pulling at them or striking them with rocks.

The chains led to a large temple structure housing a sealed tomb, surrounded by a moat of bright white light. The chains from all around enter small holes in this tomb. There are several monoliths surrounding the temple, all of which have chains running from them through the holes and into the tomb. One of the monoliths had fallen, and Mandy could see more souls working to topple another.

As the hunters looked about and discussed their next step, they were attacked by the creature they were there to hunt. After a furious battle, the killing blow was landed, and the hunters all snapped back to the hotel room – where two demons waited for them.

One of the demons managed to snag the scythe, and the two leap out of the motel window. The hunters managed to capture one, but the other made off into the night with it’s prize.



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