Haunted Hunting

Questions and Answers

Sometimes when things get worse, it's only the beginning...

Mandy Monroe and Xander Summers arrived at the abandoned Van Buren Institute for the Mentally Disabled amidst rumors of paranormal activity and a recent death, with the intent of doing an initial survey pending a paranormal investigation. Xander headed through the right door and set up an audio recording device, and Mandy headed straight ahead – noticing a 16 year old girl with dark hair peeking from behind a corner. Mandy made chase, but by the time she reached the corner at the end of the hallway, the girl was gone.

Billy and Saasha then made an appearance, and after a short confrontation, it was decided that they would take a look around the facility together. It wasn’t long before they were attacked by a powerful spirit – a young boy, around 13-14. Billy took the brunt of the attack, and was badly injured while Saasha was slammed against the wall by a telekinetic-ally thrown table. Xander got a rock-salt shot off, temporarily dispersing the spirit, and continued exploring a bit more carefully.

They soon encountered a young girl, who looked to be about 8 years old. She warned them to leave, or “He” would hurt them, too. When the Hunters attempted to question her further, she fled out of fear that they would be heard.

As they continued their investigations, Mandy felt something might be off about the maintenance room in the back of the building. The hunters went to investigate, and discovered there was a backup generator. Billy and Xander determined it could likely be repaired, and went to get some tools and fuel from the vehicles outside…but when they opened the front door, they found only another hallway, and more empty rooms in the asylum.

They continued their investigations, Mandy spotting the 16-year old girl again, and survived another attack from the 13 year old boy. Having cleared the first floor, and finding no way out, the players ascended to the second floor of the asylum.

They encountered the mysterious 8 year old girl again. Through questioning, they learned that the 13 year old boy was named Kennith. Sarah, the 8 year old girl, explained that the other girl Mandy had seen was her friend Anna. Sarah proudly stated that she protected Anna, but Kenneth was the one who hurt people. Kenneth hates Anna, because Anna is the reason her parents, and foster parents died.

The Hunters soon found the hospital record room, a leather-bound journal laying outside the door. As they opened the book, a slender white doll fell out. Mandy picked out the doll, and saw a mysterious figure outside the window…

Not finding any information on a Kenneth ever attending the facility; and finding several Sarah’s but none who fit the profile, the Hunters looked for records into Anna. Mandy recognized the file photo for “Anna Beiring” as the 16 year old girl she had seen around the facility. The file mostly concerned Anna’s Dissociation Identity Disorder, and had a great deal of notes concerning her different personalities – primary Sarah and Kennith. The file also mentioned that one day after group, the was dragged into the maintenance room by an unnamed assailant and killed. By the time the staff made it in to the maintenance room, the unnamed patient had bitten off 7 of Anna’s fingers.

Only six were recovered.

Sarah appeared, realizing what the hunters were about to do, and attacked, defending Anna as she always had. The hunters fought their way past Sarah, then Kenneth, until they made it back to maintenance room, where Sarah and Kenneth somehow managed to manifest at the same time. The Hunters alternately defended against the spirits and searched for the missing body part. The finger was found, and the Hunters salted and burned it, placing Anna to rest for good.



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