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New Madrid, MO

While researching old news reports, our hunters put together a pattern.

In the town of New Madrid, high school girls seem to go missing. The reported reasons range from runaways to suspected kidnapping, (which is not that unusual by itself) but looking deeper into the police reports, a suspicious number of them have occurred at the same rural address.

As they dig deeper into the history of the house, it seems as though every time a family with a high-school aged daughter moves into the house, the daughter disappears soon after. Always within a month or two of the family moving in, and always between 10-20 years apart.

In most cases, the family report that prior to the disappearance, the daughter had begun acting strange – mood swings, distant behavior, loss of appetite. Some police reports include that the parents had also noticed a strange injury or rash at the back of their daughter’s neck
The Hunters arrive in New Madrid and begin to investigate the property, and find that a family recently moved in to the house – a Mr. Thomas Eldwinn and his teen-aged daughter, Penny. Asking around and doing more research into the property, they discovered that one of the previous owners was served an injunction barring him from destroying an Indian burial mound that exists on the property. While investigating the mound, Mandy found a straw doll before she and Xander were attacked by an unidentified creature.

They investigated the house while the family was away; and in Penny’s room they found a pile of muddy clothes, additional dirt and mud in the closet, as well as another straw doll. Saasha also discovered trace amounts of blood on the girl’s pillow.

The Hunters headed to the University to speak with the professor that filed the injunction against the home’s previous owner, asking about the beliefs of the Native Americans that used to live in the area. They learned that the tribe that inhabited the region had a legend of the “Moundwalker Spirits.” It was said that the local tribes learned to build burial mounds from these spirits, and that they were the protectors of the tribe. In return for this protection, the Moundwalker spirits would occasionally choose a daughter of the tribe to serve as their queen. They would gift her with items such as hand made dolls, and the girls would soon disappear. When asked how they could be gotten rid of, the professor theorized that the Moundwalkers were described as a hive creature – If they were denied a Queen, and their mound was destroyed, they would be unable to rebuild it and most likely die as a result.

The hunters decided to level with the homeowner, and as Billy attempted to explain the situation to him, the others circled around the house in case they were needed. Billy showed Thomas a picture of the creature they had killed earlier, and the man broke down, exclaiming that he had hit an identical creature on the property earlier.

At that moment, there was a crash from the rear area of the house. Several Moundwalkers crashed into the house, attacking Billy. Xander and Saasha came to his aid, while Mandy went to the back of the house and found another Moundwalker spiriting away the daughter.

After a furious battle, the Hunters defeated the Moundwalker spirits, saved the family, and blew up the mound.



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