Mandy Monroe

Genius Ditz


Mandy Nora Monroe is a young, 20-something blonde with a small stature and a high-pitched voice. Although she doesn’t seem very bright, and her child-like curiosity seems to get her in to more trouble than it’s worth, she is actually highly intelligent. She has quite an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and the lore behind hit. She went to college, and apparently obtained a degree, though no one is quite sure in what program she received it.


Many has always been…sensitive. She often saw people and things others did not, but since she could never explain them or get a straight answer, she eventually began to ignore it. Her father was an avid game hunter and woodsman, and he often brought his young daughter with him for weekend hunts. Though she had always enjoyed her dolls and unicorns, Mandy was also very adept at firing a hunting rifle and many other firearms.

While she was in college, Mandy had a run in with an angry spirit in one of her dorms, and was nearly killed. She was saved by an anonymous hunter, whom she eventually found again. After realizing that something seemed wrong with her hunter “friend”, she took it upon herself to look after him, worried that the problem could be her fault.

Already a member of a small paranormal group, she convinced Xander to accompany her to an investigation, where she would meet Billy and Saasha.

After escaping the shifting halls of an old asylum, she did some research and followed in the hunter’s footsteps, using her childhood nature skills, her knowledge of the weird, and whatever she could get Xander to share with her to help him and their new colleagues on missions, while making sure to keep Xander alive.

Mandy Monroe

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