Xander Summers


Long black trench coat, long black hair, worn black jeans and body armor. Hazel eyes with an intense look, and always carrying his dual custom Berettas. Backpack always carried as well with a plethera of equipment.


Xander woke up not right, finding that he had no memories he was only left with the clues that he found in a cheap motel room outside of Chicago. The items that he had scattered informed him that he hunted things that went bump in the night. There was info on ghosts, demons, and vampires strewn out across the room. The cheap hotel with only cheap TV series DVDs for entertainment he started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His shattered Psyche locked onto the series filling gaps in his mind and making things make sense. He was a hunter, and the only way that he might be able to piece together what he had lost was to start hunting those things that went bump in the night once again.

The cell phone rang and the person on the other end seemed to know him fairly well. Talking about him saving her from a ghost. She thought she might have found another and wanted his help in tracking it down. Driving to meet her they traveled together to an old insane asylum. He used the ghost hunting strategies he had seen on a TV show called Ghost Hunters they went in. Soon after they met Saasha and Billy, the most unlikely of friends but they seemed to have the skills to help him find who he was. However the problem was whatever took his memories also left him with Multiple Personalites that were filled by characters from the show that he watched. Billy with the money and intelligance and Saasha with the fighting ability to help him keep from getting swallowed by the night. Can he recover what he lost … and why does he get the strangest of angers whenever he comes near a demon. Something tells him they took something from him, but will he ever be able to get them back.

Xander Summers

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