Haunted Hunting

No Place Like Home
The safehouse

Billy gets a call from an old research colleague, Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu tells Billy that he’s been working on a new line of research that he thinks Billy will be very interested in. He doesn’t want to say much over the phone, but from the rumours he’s heard, Dr. Liu believes that he and Billy might be performing research along similar lines.

Billy remembers Dr. Liu, but doesn’t dislike him any more than he dislikes most people. Dr, Liu was, however, the type to build on other people’s work, then take as much credit as possible, and his methods were such that he spent more time in front of the Ethics Committee than Billy did.

The address that Dr. Liu gives them is to a retired prison deep in the mountains of Colorado. It was built a long time ago, and closed soon after when it became apparent that running such a small prison, so far away from the nearest community was more trouble than it was worth.

The hunters find the prison, and drive past the wrought iron outer gates to the building itself. Dr. Liu gives them a short tour of the facility and some examples of what he’s been working on, including Holy Water Polyacrylamides and an Iron/Salt solution that can be applied as a paste, and dries like paint.

Dr. Liu then tells them the real reason he contacted Billy – he recently acquired a “test subject.” He wants Billy to assist him with the research, as he has tested some of the materials that have been rumored to work, (salt, iron) and they seem to have no effect. He’s hoping that Billy might be able to tell him exactly what he’s dealing with. When the hunters asked for more details, Dr. Liu simply alluded to something wrong with it’s eyes, and insists that the hunters judge for themselves.

He takes the hunters to the cell block to show them the subject, and they find the cell empty. The cell door is open, and the light bulb from the fixture inside the cell has been broken. The hunters realise that the monster broke the bulb and used the filaments to pick the lock.

Dr. Liu suggests locking down the facility to the control room and leads them there, showing the players the monitor indicating the door status. of the front and rear doors.

Saasha and Billy stay in the control room with Dr. Liu while Xander and Mandy go to search the prison. Xander and Mandy get separated, and Xander is attacked from behind, falling unconscious.

Xander soon returns to the control room, and begins fiddling with the lockdown controls. The other hunters think, at first, that it is another one of his personality traits, but when he manages to “accidentally” end the lockdown, the others get suspicious. Xander runs, and Dr. Liu is able to reinstate the lockdown.

Saasha goes with Mandy to find Xander, while the Billy stays with Dr. Liu. When Saasha and Mandy find Xander’s unconscious body, they realise that they’re dealing with a shifter.

Mandy and Saasha are attacked, the shifter knocking the valves from two CO2 Canisters and sending they cart they are on flying at the two of them. They make it out ok, and decide to revive Xander instead of pursuing the shifter.

Once Xander is revived (and after he attacks Mandy in his disgruntled confusion) they hear an explosion from the front of the building, and Billy sees that the front door is now showing as open. The hunters all rush to the front door to find only a small char on the floor, and a card obstructing the door sensor so that it would show as open.

They continue their search, and hear a sharp sound, as though something were knocked over, coming from the cell block. They rush to investigate, and find that the sound was a small lever with a bag of water used as a “timer” that dropped a wrench in one of the cells. Luckily, Mandy thought to stay outside the cell block and watch from a far, preventing the Shifter from locking the entire team in the block.

Xander puts on his night vision goggles, correctly surmising that because they work using an infrared camera, they would show the retinal flash of a shifter if they encountered it.

The hunters return to the control room to check on Dr. Liu, when Xander notices from the tell-tale retinal flash that the shifter has now replaced the Doctor. Xander opens fire.

The shifter flees, but is quickly cornered, Xander shoots again, greatly wounding the shifter, when he the shifter turns to Mandy, “You’d got me, ok? I give up! Stop shooting! Come on – I gave you a box!”

As further evidence, he advises the hunters to check the security camera from the control room, where Billy sees Dr. Liu falling from what appears to be a heart attack, and the shifter attempting to revive him before dragging him out of the room. Billy is kind of a dick about the whole thing, and first attempts to convince the other hunters that the tape showed the shifter killing Dr. Liu. But I’m not bitter, or anything.

The shifter reveals his name, McRayveg. Saasha recognises the name – she never met him, but he was practically famous in the IRA. It was said that he could infiltrate any organization, and that he never went into a mission armed, or even carrying any gear. Some time before she left the organization however, the stories stopped. Many believed that he was dead, and some even said that considering the fantastic stories about his exploits, he may never have existed at all.

McRayveg admits that was him. He was in the IRA for years, but when his superiors discovered what he was, they turned on him. He was forced to disappear, and he’s now a member of an organization known as the Abnormal Risk Management Service, a U.S. government agency created in the 1930s when it was discovered that a member of Roosevelt’s secret service has been replaced by a shifter in Hitler’s employ. With civilian oversight of government expenditures these days, the effectiveness of the organization is severely limited (“Ever seen a government expense report? $20,000 to install a toilet, do you really think the contractor gets that? No, that’s us – and it’s all we get.”) All they have the funding for is dealing with direct threats from other governments; and occasionally running resistance for “freelancers” such as the Hunters, although they prefer to keep a low profile.

“Speaking of which, I’d appreciate it if you’d try to blow up less stuff…it’s getting harder to get our own guys before the investigators to plant evidence of gas leaks, or whatever. Eventually, it’s just not going to work any more.”

He was captured by Dr. Liu when both were looking into a different matter, and Dr. Liu caught a glimpse of his retinal flare in a nearby security camera. McRayveg hadn’t hurt anyone, but has spent the last few weeks getting prodded and tortured by Dr. Liu.

McRayveg tells the hunters that he’s already jury-rigged some equipment in the lab to send a distress signal, and there should be a chopper on the way to extract him as they speak. He’s willing to make a deal with them – The locals have long forgotten this prison even exists. If the hunters let him go peacefully, he’s willing to make sure the local and federal property assessors won’t remember either.

The Realm Between

“Are you going to let me in, or are we going to have this discussion in the Hall?”

There is a sharp knock on the hunter’s hotel room, and they answer the door to find the mysterious old man from before. He has come to make good on his deal with them, and hands over a scythe, on loan only. A powerful weapon, this scythe is one of the only weapons in existence with the power to kill a reaper.

For a mortal to kill a reaper , even with the scythe, would be a tall order even at the best of times. The old man informs them, however, that the creature that hunts them has a dark force standing behind it. Even with the scythe, he doesn’t believe the hunters stand a chance.

The old man did promise them help, and since they were true to their word, he will be true to his. He tells them that the creature has taken refuge in a world “between this one and the next.” A link exists between Mandy’s mind and that of the creature. The old man tells the hunters that he can send them along that link.

The old man warns them that it will be dangerous, and he cannot guarantee their safety. They were never meant to exist in this other world, and their minds will be stretched from their world to this new one. If their minds are stretched to taut, they may very well break. The connection between Mandy and the creature should hold them in this other world, but one that connection is broken, their minds will snap back – violently.

The old man also warns that also warns that this world is not as static or linear as the one they are used to. It ebbs and flows according to the whims of it’s inhabitants. Once the hunters are there, their minds will struggle to impose that static order to their immediate surroundings – and the other inhabitants will quickly take notice.

The old man also berates Saasha somewhat, alluding that she once who “blundered right past the cause,” and that “dealing with the effect might well be considered, at least partially, her responsibility.”

The hunters awaken to find themselves on the shore of a great underground sea. They find a small, comfortable English sitting room built into the rock at one point, and there is a very strange journal sitting on the table.

They soon find an old bridge spanning a river of what appears to be boiling water. The bridge is old and rickety, and the hunters are worried about it holding their weight. They decide to cross one at a time, with Xander in the lead.

As Xander reached the other side, a large tentacled monster rose from the water, destroying the bridge and attacking the hunters. After a furious battle, they manage to drive the creature back under the water, and set to building a bridge using a ladder that Xander found, the wooden table from the sitting room, and a lot of duct tape from Billy’s pack in order to cross the river.

After more encounters with strange creatures, (including man-sized serpents and an oversized bear-like creature,) the Hunters emerged from the cave to find a cold forest. They all hear a strange rattling, and soon find that some of the trees have chains attached to them, all leading in the same direction. Mandy is able to see the souls of people (mostly children, but some teens and even a couple of adults) working at the chains, pulling at them or striking them with rocks.

The chains led to a large temple structure housing a sealed tomb, surrounded by a moat of bright white light. The chains from all around enter small holes in this tomb. There are several monoliths surrounding the temple, all of which have chains running from them through the holes and into the tomb. One of the monoliths had fallen, and Mandy could see more souls working to topple another.

As the hunters looked about and discussed their next step, they were attacked by the creature they were there to hunt. After a furious battle, the killing blow was landed, and the hunters all snapped back to the hotel room – where two demons waited for them.

One of the demons managed to snag the scythe, and the two leap out of the motel window. The hunters managed to capture one, but the other made off into the night with it’s prize.

Halloween Episode
What scares you most?

It’s been nearly two weeks since the hunters escaped from the Apple building, and they’ve seen no sign of the creepy old gentleman. Mandy receives a voicemail on her phone (odd, as she is certain the phone didn’t ring.) The voicemail is from Jessica, one of the members of the Paranormal Investigation Society she and Xander were members of before teaming up with Billy and Saasha. Jessica sounds excited on the recording – they are just starting up an investigation, and the preliminary investigation was so promising, they managed to secure permission to extend the investigation for a full week. They’ve been in the house for less than a day, and what they’ve seen so far has been amazing; far beyond anything they’ve seen before. She suggests that if Mandy and Xander are in the area, this is definitely something they would want to check out. Jessica gives an address, and the hunters realise they are in the area, and could be on location by the next morning. What concerns Mandy is the EVP on the voicemail – a clear voice saying “This is my house.” Xander analyses the recording and finds additional EVP – “You will never leave.”

The Hunters to a bit of research, and discover that the house has been vacant for years, but was recently purchased by someone who is hoping to run “terror tours,” and charge people to perform investigations. He’s obviously hoping that this first investigation will turn something up – at least enough to create buzz and get some good press. They look for evidence of a haunting at the house, but turn up only vague local legends.

When they arrive at the house, the investigation van is parked outside. They head into the house, and discover that most of the investigation equipment is still in the foyer; the investigators obviously didn’t have the chance to get everything set up. They set out to search the house, and find little sign of the paranormal investigators anywhere.

Xander finds a comfortable sitting room near the back of the house with two chairs, and end table, and a roaring fire. The fire starts to burn itself out even as he approaches, and when he sees what is in the fireplace, he calls for Billy. Billy arrives just as the fire completely burns itself out, and finds that the fireplace is packed with the remnants of packs upon packs of cigarettes – his brand. When he checks, every pack he brought with his is gone. He runs to the front door to find the house sealed, and when he decides to try and burn down the house, he finds all his lighters – and his explosives kit – gone as well.

Billy spends most of the rest of the game fruitlessly firing his guns into the wall, tearing down bookshelves, and generally freaking out.

Billy runs around for a while, then decides to go back to the sitting room to see if he can climb out the flue. As soon as he steps into the room, the door slams shut behind him. A chair suddenly flies across the room at him. He manages to dodge it, but the door swings open again immediately afterwards, catching Saasha right in the face as she tries to break the previously shut door open. They hear the sound of footsteps running away from the sitting room.

As they continue searching a house, a scream suddenly echoes throughout. Xander suddenly feels like he recognises the scream, but can’t put his finger on it. The air around him feels dank and cold as he flashes back to a musty crypt. A moment later, he shakes himself back to reality, but finds that his wrists are raw and bloody from what appears to be a serious rope burn. He heads to the kitchen, manages to find a stockpile of forgotten liquor, and helps himself.

As Xander drinks and Billy rages, Saasha and Mandy follow the scream back to a bedroom they’ve already explored. When they walk into the previously immaculate bedroom, however, they find the bed covered in blood – so much blood that it pools in several places. Some wadded up clothes lie in one puddle – Mandy recognises them as Jessica’s favourite outfit.

They turn to try to find and gather the others, but something catches each of their eyes. Saasha notices that as soon as they turned around, the blood disappeared, and the clothes were suddenly clean and neatly folded on the bed. Mandy noticed something odd about the mirror, and stepped up to investigate…

As Mandy approached the mirror, she realised what was off. her reflection seemed delayed by just a split second – almost as though it had to watch her to see what she did before it could act. She instinctively reached out to touch it, and there was a loud crack. Saasha watched as Mandy stumbled, a vision playing in her head. (The vision is available for viewing in the wiki) When Mandy came out of it, she and Saasha noticed that the mirror had cracked in a peculiar pattern – the same symbol from the key puzzle piece at the Apple office. Mandy shrugged the occurrence off with a half-hearted “Huh. That was weird.”

They exit the room to find another blood trail. They regroup with Billy (Xander is still drinking in a corner) and follow the trail of blood to the master bedroom, where they find Jessica, naked in the fetal position in the corner. Jessica begins seizing and coughing up blood, and the hunters realise she’ll die very quickly if they aren’t able to do something. Nothing they do seems to have any effect, until one hunter searches the room and finds a small, tied pouch hidden under the bed near the wall. They realise that they’ve just found a hex bag, and decide to burn in – then they remember that Billy was the only one who carried lighters. As Jessica is choking for what has to be the last time, Saasha panics, throws the hexbag to the ground and shoots it.

Jessica begins to recover almost immediately. The hunters question here, but she remembers almost nothing of what happened. They lay her on the bed and leave Billy to guard her as they go to take a second look through the house.

Xander headed back to the side sitting room, and found another member of their old investigation team – Ben – in much the same position as they found Jessica. As he watches, large gashes and cuts began to appear on his body. Ben began to turn pale and clammy from blood loss very quickly.

The hunters searched the room – and found an old combination safe. Saasha got to work cracking the safe while Mandy did her best to bind Ben’s quickly multiplying wounds. Just in the nick of time, Saanda got the safe open, and they found a second hex bag. Ben, weary from blood loss, whispered “She drug him down the hall” to Mandy before passing out.

The hunters investigated the hall, and noticed that a bit of wall at the end of the hallway seemed out of place – the same style, but a slightly different color than the rest. Billy fired his gun into the wall, peering through the hole to see a chamber on the other side.

The hunters immediately went to work with a crowbar and hatchet, breaking down the wall and revealing the secret doors hinges and the latch they would have seen had they taken a closer look at the wall itself instead of breaking it down. Beyond it, they found a short staircase down, candlelight flickering nearby.

The proceeded to find an alter; a young woman standing behind it and Jake, the final member of the investigation team, bound at her feet. Saasha asked why she’s done this, and she replies that there is a price on the hunters head, and that they should be honoured that they will be amongst the first sacrificed. Mandy ran up and turned the alter, and noticed to points of glowing read – the eyes of a black dog staring hungrily at Jake. Billy and Xander opened fire. The hunters found that most of their attacks were bouncing harmlessly off of some kind of mysical shield the witch had erected – they could hit it enough to collapse it and do some damage, but the witch was able to quickly put the protection back. The witch threw the hunters to the ground, and struck Xander blind; while the hunters threw everything they had at her and the black dog tore hungrily at Jake. Deciding that the screaming, prone form under the black dog was too far gone to be helped, the hunters decided on one final, desperate plan. Mandy grabbed the blinded Xander and pulled him up the stairs, Billy backed out of the room and let fly with his machine gun with enough damage to drop the witch’s defences one last time, and Saasha rolled a grenade under the witch and ran.

After the dust settled, the hunters wearily gathered their two surviving associates and left the house behind them.

Make an Appointment

After their encounter in the cabin in the woods, the hunters decide to stop in at a waffle house for a bite to eat. As soon as they walk in, they realize that the house is completely silent – and almost completly empty.

One table is occupied by an older gentleman, a plate and cup of coffee in front of him, reading the newspaper. The Hunters (rather brazenly) saunter right up to the table and sit with the man.

The man explains that the understands the hunters are experiencing a bit of a problem, and offers to help if they are willing to run a little errand for him. When the hunters ask for more information, the man explains that very soon, he will be required to place an item of great value on loan, temporarily – his rimg. Unfortunately, he needs that ring to perform more excessive actions that will be expected of him; but there is a cane that, if held, will allow him to temporarily overlook the ring’s absence. He could aquire the cane himself, obviously, but he’d rather not tip his hand at the moment; and since the hunters have already blundered into one of “their” facilities, he doesn’t beleive it will raise much suspicion if they were to do so again.

The man provides them with information on an office building owned by Apple – floor plans, and the third floor office where the cane is located.

The hunters head to California, and find the office building heavily guarded by security. There is even someone in plain clothes and a brown trench coat across the street watching the place.

They manage to manipulate records and get Mandy hired as a temporary receptionist at the front desk. She schedules a meeting with the Office Operations Manager for right near the end of business hours, stating that representatives from corporate were coming to speak with him.

The hunters rig Saasha for sound; she shows up in time for the appointment and is escorted to the OOM’s office. She finds him flanked by two imposing looking security officers. aasha attempts to bullshit them long enough for the building to clear, and Mandy leads Billy and Xander inside. The OOM grows tired her games, and reveals that he knows she was in the Foxconn Factory before it exploded. His eyes, and the eyes of his security detail turn black just as Billy, Xander and Mandy walk into the office. A battle ensues, and the Hunters are able to distract the demons long enough for Saasha to complete an excorcism.

They find a hidden panel locked with a puzzle and attempt to solve it, but find that a key piece is missing. as they move to go look for the missing piece, they hear cryptic speech from downstairs. They go to investigate, and find that the trenchcoat clad mysterious stranger from before is sanding before a body prone of the floor. A thick black smoke is streaming from the prone man’s mouth and into a box the stranger is holding. The stranger cheerfully reaches into the prone man’s pocket and tosses the key to the puzzle to the Hunters, along with the box. When questioned, he states that the box is merely a trinket, that came from the same place Mandy’s talisman came from. When asked who he is, the stranger replies, “A friend” and saunters off.

The hunters use the key to retrieve the cane, and Billy blows up the building. The call Giles and ask where the talisman came from, and he tells them he purchased it from a collector in Vegas – origonally from the estate of H.P. Lovecraft.

A Look to The Past
Where did we go, and why were we in a handbasket?

The Hunters received a call from “Giles,” and headed out to meet him. Along the way, they stopped in a motel for a rest, and when they woke up, Mandy was missing. After two days of fruitless searching, they decided to continue on to Giles’ house. Before they were able to settle in and get down to business, Mandy walked through the front door, apparently none the worse for wear, but with no memory of the time she’d been missing. As far as she was concerned, she fell asleep in the hotel, and woke up in the back seat of their car parked in front of Giles’ house.

Giles told the customer’s that he had found a lead in their hunt for the creature that seemed to be hunting Mandy. According to police reports he uncovered, a young boy in (?) witnessed his brother being kidnapped. He stated that he saw the man who took his brother, and that this man had been following his brother for weeks. He described his brother’s attacker as “a tall man in a suit, with long fingers and no face.” He also gave Mandy a strange hoodoo necklace that should disrupt the creature’s mental influence over her – for a time.

The hunters arrived on the scene, and interviewed the boy posing as grief councilors for the local school district. They discovered that the boys had first seen the man while playing in an abandoned cabin in the nearby national forest. Xander found footprints outside the house, but they were outside the younger brother’s bedroom window. They appeared to be from sneakers.

Our heroes headed out to the woods and found the abandoned cabin that the young boy described. As they headed toward the door, they were jumped by a hooded figure wearing a mask, who immediately disengaged and ran inside the cabin. The hunters gave chase, and an interior door slammed from the rear of the house.

They found the slender doll, which had previously been in Mandy’s backpack, propped up against the wall inside. It almost seemed to be pointing to the closed bathroom door.

The hunters opened the door to walk through, only to find that they were no longer inside the cabin, but a dank tunnel with stone walls. Water droplets randomly fell from the ceiling, and they had a feeling of rock above their heads, as though they were suddenly underground. The door behind them was jammed, and would no longer open.

They They started down the hallway, and Billy was attacked from behind by the form of Kenneth, the spirit from the Van Buren Institute. They quickly dispelled the apparent spirit with rock-salt rounds, and continued down the stone hallway until they reached a steel door.

They stepped through to find themselves in their old motel room in New Madrid, walking in through the door that had previously led to the motel room restroom. In this room, they met a young woman whom Saasha recognized from her sordid past. Saasha attempted to converse with the woman – until the woman’s eyes went black and she attacked.

After a short but fierce battle, the woman simply disappeared.

They exited the motel room to find themselves inside another run down cabin. The temperature had dropped significantly, and the smell of burnt timbers surrounded everything. The hunters soon realized that the cabin they were in had suffered significant fire damage, and snow was falling through the damaged ceiling.

Exploring the cabin, the Hunters were once again attacked – this time by the masked man who jumped them earlier, as well as the tall faceless figure himself. They managed to tackle the masked man and removed his mask, only to find that he was the young boy who had been kidnapped. Mandy placed her hoodoo necklace on the boy, and he immediately slumped unconscious. The hunters carried him out, fleeing from the slender assailant when they found that their attacks had little to no effect.

They stepped outside of the burnt out cabin and into a snow-covered forest. They heard shouting in the distance, and followed it to a large tree. Following the angry cries, they found a group of angry people with torches standing around the tree. A man had been tied to the tree, and a pire had been set up beneath him. From the clothes of the villagers, Billy, being a learned man whose family was from the area, guessed from the period dress and other clues that they seemed to be in the Ukraine – but somewhere around the mid-1400s.

The angry villagers set fire to the pire, and they hunters noticed a strange hooded man, right at the front of the crowd watching the burning figure with great interest. The hooded figure turned and regarded the hunters for a moment with his faceless visage before turning back to the burning man. The faceless man seemed to stretch out, his arms and legs pulled to un-natural proportions, before reaching out with inhuman fingers to grasp the man who had been tied to the tree. Lighting flashed, blinding the characters for a moment. When they could see again, the entire horde laid slain on the ground around them, without a mark or scratch indicating how they had died. Lighting flashed again, and when the hunters came around they found themselves lying on the ground outside the original log cabin, fall just beginning to change the color of the leaves.

Walk With Us
With Friends Like These...

New Madrid, MO

While researching old news reports, our hunters put together a pattern.

In the town of New Madrid, high school girls seem to go missing. The reported reasons range from runaways to suspected kidnapping, (which is not that unusual by itself) but looking deeper into the police reports, a suspicious number of them have occurred at the same rural address.

As they dig deeper into the history of the house, it seems as though every time a family with a high-school aged daughter moves into the house, the daughter disappears soon after. Always within a month or two of the family moving in, and always between 10-20 years apart.

In most cases, the family report that prior to the disappearance, the daughter had begun acting strange – mood swings, distant behavior, loss of appetite. Some police reports include that the parents had also noticed a strange injury or rash at the back of their daughter’s neck
The Hunters arrive in New Madrid and begin to investigate the property, and find that a family recently moved in to the house – a Mr. Thomas Eldwinn and his teen-aged daughter, Penny. Asking around and doing more research into the property, they discovered that one of the previous owners was served an injunction barring him from destroying an Indian burial mound that exists on the property. While investigating the mound, Mandy found a straw doll before she and Xander were attacked by an unidentified creature.

They investigated the house while the family was away; and in Penny’s room they found a pile of muddy clothes, additional dirt and mud in the closet, as well as another straw doll. Saasha also discovered trace amounts of blood on the girl’s pillow.

The Hunters headed to the University to speak with the professor that filed the injunction against the home’s previous owner, asking about the beliefs of the Native Americans that used to live in the area. They learned that the tribe that inhabited the region had a legend of the “Moundwalker Spirits.” It was said that the local tribes learned to build burial mounds from these spirits, and that they were the protectors of the tribe. In return for this protection, the Moundwalker spirits would occasionally choose a daughter of the tribe to serve as their queen. They would gift her with items such as hand made dolls, and the girls would soon disappear. When asked how they could be gotten rid of, the professor theorized that the Moundwalkers were described as a hive creature – If they were denied a Queen, and their mound was destroyed, they would be unable to rebuild it and most likely die as a result.

The hunters decided to level with the homeowner, and as Billy attempted to explain the situation to him, the others circled around the house in case they were needed. Billy showed Thomas a picture of the creature they had killed earlier, and the man broke down, exclaiming that he had hit an identical creature on the property earlier.

At that moment, there was a crash from the rear area of the house. Several Moundwalkers crashed into the house, attacking Billy. Xander and Saasha came to his aid, while Mandy went to the back of the house and found another Moundwalker spiriting away the daughter.

After a furious battle, the Hunters defeated the Moundwalker spirits, saved the family, and blew up the mound.

No atheists in foxholes

Dade City, FL

While Xander and Mandy take a short leave to tie up loose ends, Saasha receives a mysterious email. There is no body to the email, only pictures. (The email is in the wiki)

The pictures show a large weather pattern over Florida. The weather pattern seems to break to avoid Dade City, and the newspaper articles speak of a string of suicides at a Foxconn plant in the city.

Billy and Saasha go to check it out, and run into Charlotte, the Administrative Assistant of Brad Dirk, head of Administration at the plant, in a local bar. They tried to talk her into giving them a tour of the facility, but Charlotte refused. They did convince Charlotte to give them Brad Dirk’s email.

They decide to check it out for themselves and head to the plant. Saasha makes her way in first through a fire exit. Billy stayed out in the car and managed to hack into the building’s network. He set the security cameras on a loop and notices some overly vague emails between Brad and a high ranking corporate official at Apple.

Charlotte, her suspicions roused by the awkward conversation in the bar, headed to the plant herself to check things out, and noticed Billy waiting in the car. Her intuition tells her that something’s up, and she guesses that Saasha may already be inside. After a brief exchange, she agrees to bring Billy into the facility.

They talked their way past Jim the security guard, (who was totally going to call Charlotte back, he’s just been busy) and head upstairs. Billy makes an ill-fated attempt at tazing Charlotte, who easily avoids his clumsy attempt. An argument ensues, and when the reach the second floor they are met by Saasha, who helps defuse the situation.

They do some snooping around, and find some files that indicate that at least some of the people who had committed suicide may have been potential whistle-blowers who planned to expose the poor working conditions and worker abuse that had started since Brad Dirk had taken over the plant. The hunters also discover sulfur in one of Brad’s desk drawers.

The Hunters decide to hide out until Dirk comes in for the morning and smoke him. Saasha sets up a Devil’s Trap above his desk, and Billy waits in the executive wash room while Saasha and Charlotte hide in a nearby empty office.

It is then that Charlotte reveals the truth: Saasha’s former employers decided they want her dead, and Charlotte is the one who’s there to kill her. A fight ensues. Billy, hearing the gunfire, rushes to Saasha’s aid, and Jim appears to assist Charlotte. Billy’s anger issues come into play, and he turns a heavy machine gun on Jim the security guard, while Saasha shuts a frag grenade in the room with Charlotte. Billy decides to burn the whole building to the ground, and heads to the server room to start an electrical fire, leaving behind a home-made explosive charge. Charlotte survives but is badly injured, and she makes one last plea to the hunters to take her with them. Her alluring personality sways Billy.

The hunters “work out their differences” and decide to make one last run at the Demon. Charlotte has his home phone number, which Billy is able to easily trace back to Brad Dirk’s home address. Charlotte knocks on the door and distracts the demon, while Saasha draws another demon’s trap outside of Dirk’s back door. Billy enters through a window.

After a difficult battle, the Hunters are able lure the weakened demon into the Devil’s trap, and exorcise it. Charlotte disappears in the confusion.

Questions and Answers
Sometimes when things get worse, it's only the beginning...

Mandy Monroe and Xander Summers arrived at the abandoned Van Buren Institute for the Mentally Disabled amidst rumors of paranormal activity and a recent death, with the intent of doing an initial survey pending a paranormal investigation. Xander headed through the right door and set up an audio recording device, and Mandy headed straight ahead – noticing a 16 year old girl with dark hair peeking from behind a corner. Mandy made chase, but by the time she reached the corner at the end of the hallway, the girl was gone.

Billy and Saasha then made an appearance, and after a short confrontation, it was decided that they would take a look around the facility together. It wasn’t long before they were attacked by a powerful spirit – a young boy, around 13-14. Billy took the brunt of the attack, and was badly injured while Saasha was slammed against the wall by a telekinetic-ally thrown table. Xander got a rock-salt shot off, temporarily dispersing the spirit, and continued exploring a bit more carefully.

They soon encountered a young girl, who looked to be about 8 years old. She warned them to leave, or “He” would hurt them, too. When the Hunters attempted to question her further, she fled out of fear that they would be heard.

As they continued their investigations, Mandy felt something might be off about the maintenance room in the back of the building. The hunters went to investigate, and discovered there was a backup generator. Billy and Xander determined it could likely be repaired, and went to get some tools and fuel from the vehicles outside…but when they opened the front door, they found only another hallway, and more empty rooms in the asylum.

They continued their investigations, Mandy spotting the 16-year old girl again, and survived another attack from the 13 year old boy. Having cleared the first floor, and finding no way out, the players ascended to the second floor of the asylum.

They encountered the mysterious 8 year old girl again. Through questioning, they learned that the 13 year old boy was named Kennith. Sarah, the 8 year old girl, explained that the other girl Mandy had seen was her friend Anna. Sarah proudly stated that she protected Anna, but Kenneth was the one who hurt people. Kenneth hates Anna, because Anna is the reason her parents, and foster parents died.

The Hunters soon found the hospital record room, a leather-bound journal laying outside the door. As they opened the book, a slender white doll fell out. Mandy picked out the doll, and saw a mysterious figure outside the window…

Not finding any information on a Kenneth ever attending the facility; and finding several Sarah’s but none who fit the profile, the Hunters looked for records into Anna. Mandy recognized the file photo for “Anna Beiring” as the 16 year old girl she had seen around the facility. The file mostly concerned Anna’s Dissociation Identity Disorder, and had a great deal of notes concerning her different personalities – primary Sarah and Kennith. The file also mentioned that one day after group, the was dragged into the maintenance room by an unnamed assailant and killed. By the time the staff made it in to the maintenance room, the unnamed patient had bitten off 7 of Anna’s fingers.

Only six were recovered.

Sarah appeared, realizing what the hunters were about to do, and attacked, defending Anna as she always had. The hunters fought their way past Sarah, then Kenneth, until they made it back to maintenance room, where Sarah and Kenneth somehow managed to manifest at the same time. The Hunters alternately defended against the spirits and searched for the missing body part. The finger was found, and the Hunters salted and burned it, placing Anna to rest for good.


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